The What, Who, Where, How and Why of DWA

Disability in Wales and Africa (DWA) promotes participation, justice, and equality for disabled people from Wales, Africa, and beyond, through an Agenda of Global Solidarity.  This document describes how the organisation works in bullet points.   

What does DWA want to do?

  • Participate in forums and discussion on international development, social and economic development, and disability.
  • Participate in discussions and debates concerning Disability Inclusive Development.
  • Collect information regarding Disabled People’s lived experiences, in Wales, Africa and beyond.
  • Encourage a dialogue which shares ideas relating to Disability Inclusive Development.
  • Share articles, stories, and information concerning Disabled People’s lived experiences.
  • Promote events and campaigns associated with Disability and Development.
  • Alongside our partners and supporters, we want to influence government, non-government agencies, private and business sector organisations, involved in social and economic development.

Who does DWA aim to work with?

  • Disabled people and their representative organisations.
  • Individuals and organisations interested in discussing disabled people’s participation and inclusion within social and economic development.

Where will DWA have Supporters and Partners?

  • Wales, Africa and beyond.

How does DWA operate?

  • Develop and participate in networks among disabled people and their organisations in Wales, Africa, and beyond.
  • Enable, particularly disabled people and their organisations, to discuss ideas and experiences between themselves.
  • Participate in networks of government, non-government agencies, private and business sector organisations, involved in social and economic development.
  • Provide training, publications, and education, regarding the lived experiences of disabled people.
  • Carry out research projects.
  • Share information on social media platforms.

Why does DWA carryout its activities?

  • To share dialogue and discussions on Disability and Development.
  • Advancing Disability Inclusive Development.
  • To empower local, national, and international disability movements.
  • To encourage and sharing ideas and experiences for public benefit.
  • To explore issues being faced by disabled people across international and cultural boundaries.
  • To examine how the experiences and ideas of Disabled People have influenced the development of their communities and societies.
  • To promote Global Solidarity amongst Disabled People as they stride towards inclusion and participation.
  • To influence future policy makers, government, non-government development agencies, private and business sector organisations.
  • To campaign, highlighting issues being raised by disabled people.