Join DWA to Leave No One Behind

Taking the “No One Left Behind” sentiments, the Beyond 2015 campaign, and the Sustainable Development Goals collectively; DWA invites members of the Wales Africa sector and supporting organisations to agree with and sign up to the following statement:

“Disability in Wales and Africa (DWA) has a vision of societies where disabled people are full, equal, and participatory members of their community in Wales, and particularly in Africa. In the past the needs of disabled people, and their families, have often been sidelined within mainstream development, with actors believing it to be a specialist, standalone, issue. DWA believes that disability should be part of every development initiative. Therefore, Wales Africa Sector activists are invited to sign a pledge to explore, and implement, ways in which this aim can be achieved.”

In return for your support DWA will:

  1. Display your Logo on our Web page.
  2. Advertise your activities.
  3. Include you in our Twitter and Facebook promotions.
  4. Include you on our mailing list for up to date Disability and Development information
  5. Keep you up to date with our activities, publicity and a regular electronic newsletter for which your contribution would be very much welcomed.
  6. Invite you to an Annual Review Meeting along with corresponding reports.


Individuals may also sign up to the above declaration and gain the benefits listed under 3, 4, 5 and 6. This category is open to anyone. However if you are a member of a Wales Africa group or organisation it would be helpful if you could identify which one.


Find all the details you need to register your support, including the form below. Please send completed forms and a copy of your logo to Eleri Williams at:

An Invitation to Join the Disability in Wales and Africa Network

We look forward to hearing from you!