Research Opportunity with DWA

Disability in Wales and Africa is seeking a researcher to assist with its research project on Including Disabled People.

The scope of the work is to identify:

  • factors that impede and support disabled people’s inclusion
  • the value to individuals, groups and organisations of including disabled people
  • how much potential interest there is amongst Welsh disabled people in participating in Wales Africa activities
  • how disabled people and their organisations perceive the Wales Africa sector
  • what things might motivate a disabled person to engage with the sector
  • what the barriers are towards disabled people’s involvement in Wales Africa activities and how they can be removed
  • what potential there is for Wales Africa partnerships to involve and incorporate the skills and expertise disabled people have to offer
  • how the Wales Africa links perceive disability inclusion and why they perceive it in that way
  • why so many Wales Africa links appear to see disability inclusion as an exercise in tokenism / a red herring / too difficult etc, rather than an exercise in development work, good practice and something from which they would benefit
  • what conclusion can be drawn and recommendations can be made from the study
  • what resources and activities are needed, to enable disabled people’s inclusion and involvement within the Wales Africa sector

The location of the work will be Wales. The application deadline is the 11th February 2019. Please send covering letters and CVs to

For further information click here or email

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