Jonah Sialumano visits Wales.

Disability in Wales and Africa (DWA) promote disability issues within the Wales Africa sector.  It seeks to see every development initiative, through Wales Africa Links, including the needs of disabled people.

Jonah Sialumano is the Project Manager of Health Help Zambia in Monze, which is supported by Health Help International based in Newport.  Jonah’s personal experience of disability, as well as his professional work with Disabled Community Groups, gives him insight and messages for us to consider in Wales.  He is currently on a tour of Wales, firstly to raise awareness of the needs of African disabled people within Wales and promote greater solidarity.

Here are some highlights of his tour so far.


Jonah meeting PONT Leaders and activists. Thursday 26th November




Jonah visits Disability Wales. Thursday 26th November


Jonah’s presentation to the Wales for Africa Health Links Network Learning and Sharing event on Tuesday 24th November


Jonah presents to the Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) meeting held by Disability Wales – 25th November








Jonah meets the Brecon Molo Community Partnership. 25th November








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