Including Disabled People Research

including Disabled People Research

Disability in Wales and Africa has partnered up with Hub Cymru Africa and Disability Wales to research how much involvement there is from disabled people in organisations that support development work in Africa.

Previous research shows that where disabled people are involved in Welsh organisations or groups that support development work in Africa, the projects in Africa are more likely to include a disability element. More disabled people involved in Wales means more disability-related work is done in Africa.

The research aims to establish why disabled people do or do not get involved with the Wales-Africa sector. It also looks at the barriers that groups have with involving disabled people as participants. From the research, we can create recommendations for making the Wales-Africa sector more inclusive and increase the participation of disabled people.

We have two short surveys that we need your help with:

Survey for disabled people (based in Wales)
This is a survey for disabled people (by which we mean anyone with a long term impairment or health condition, including mental health). Even if individuals have never considered becoming involved in Wales-Africa organisations or groups, we still need their thoughts.

Survey for Wales-Africa organisations and groups
This is a survey for organisations and groups that undertake or support development work in Africa. We are looking for any Wales-based groups or organisations to fill in the survey, whatever size and however formal or informal.

Please fill in the surveys and share widely.
Thank you for your help!

If you’d like to support us on social media please make use of the suggested tweets below and look out for our social media content about the research: @DWAnetwork, @HubCymruAfrica & @DisabilityWales 

Suggested Tweets:
Are you a #disabled person living in #Wales? We need your help with a short survey looking at the participation of disabled people in Welsh organisations that undertake development work in Africa. Every response helps!

Does your organisation or group undertake development work in #Africa? No matter what size your group or the type of work you support in Africa, if you are based in #Wales we have a short survey for you! Please fill in and share with your contacts.