“Disabled People’s Participation Should Be Expected, Not Just Accepted” Campaign

The following organisations have accepted the invitation to join in us arguing that “Disabled People’s Participation Should Be Expected, Not Just Accepted”, and have become members of DWA.

These organisations agree with, and have supported the following statement:

“Disability in Wales and Africa (DWA) has a vision of societies where disabled people are full, equal, and participatory members of their community in Wales, and particularly in Africa.In the past the needs of disabled people, and their families, have often been sidelined within mainstream development, with actors believing it to be a specialist, standalone, issue. DWA believes that disability should be part of every development initiative. Therefore, Wales Africa Sector activists are invited to sign a pledge to explore, and implement,ways in which this aim can be achieved.”

Why don’t you consider joining us too? Email: dwanetwork@gmail.com to add your organisation to the page. 

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