Covid-19 International General

This section highlights some of the activities being undertaken at the international level concerning the Covid19 pandemic and disabled people. There is concern that, across the world, disabled people will get “left behind” as health and other services have to compact the pandemic with limited resources.  We highlight here the efforts being made to promote disabled peoples inclusion in the fight against Covid19 and globally monitor what information and support they receive within their respective context.

  • The International Disability Alliance is made of 14 global and regional organisations of persons with disabilities who advocate at the United Nations for an inclusive environment for everyone.  They have produced 10 recommendations to promote the inclusion of disabled people during a countries response to the Covid19 pandemic.     
  • The Covid19 Disability Rights Monitor Coordinating Group is made up of 6 international disability organisations.  They have launched an initiative to monitor how disabled people are accessing information and services during the pandemic by asking individuals and organisations to fill-in the Internet Survey 

IDA Logo IDA Recommendations for disability-inclusive Covid19

CBRGlobalNetworkLogo Guidance for CBR/CBID workers in the COVID-19 pandemic

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PENDA (Programme for Evidence to Inform Disability Action)  is a consortium led by the ICED (International Centre for Evidence in Disability), based at the LSHTM (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), in partnership with CBMADD international, and Help Age International.  PENDA held a COVID-19 Disability Inclusion Webinar – Behaviour Change.

Responding to COVID-19 – a guide for humanitarian agencies from LSHTM on Vimeo.