Community Health Support for Disabled Children

DWA supported the Community Health Support for Disabled Children (CHSfDC) project, initiated by Brecon Molo Community Partnership, used a Train the Trainers model to develop the capacity of Community Health Workers to identify, support and signpost disabled children within their area.

The CHSfDC project aimed to;

  • Train 10 Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs)
  • These CHEWs were then to train 100 Community Health Volunteers (CHVs)
  • Between the CHEWs and CHVs it was planned to reach 1,000 disabled children
  • The CHSfDC project was rolled out in 5 communities – Molo, Elburgon, Sachangwan, Turi and Marioshoni (and Keringet)

DWA Response to Accusations of Government Discrimination in 2018

The equality watchdog is examining claims that the government has discriminated against UK disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) by excluding them from the delivery of a new £29 million international development programme. Read the full story here. Below is DWA’s response.

A statement from Disability in Wales and Africa in response to the article – ‘Government discriminated against DPOs in awarding £29m development programme’ 

Disability in Wales and Africa (DWA) is an organisation which has developed from the Wales Africa initiative.  DWA wishes to encourage the greater inclusion of the UK Disability Movement, both as organisations and individuals, within the Disability and Development Sector.  To this end, it has worked with Disability Wales and Hub Cymru Africa to start a research programme to look at how and why disabled people are not more prominent within Wales Africa activities.      

DWA has a strap-line of ‘Disabled People’s Participation Should Be Expected, Not Just Accepted’. It is concerned and disappointed to read about the debate highlighted in John Pring’s Disability News Service feature ‘Government discriminated against DPOs in awarding £29m development programme’. The 6 year programme is from the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DfID) and its purpose is to support disabled people in some of the poorest countries of the world.  However, in not encouraging UK Disabled People Organisations (DPOs) to be part of the consortium DWA believes the UK Government and the Disability and Development Sector are missing out on the skills and experiences that UK disabled people can bring to the table.  For example DWA wishes promote and demonstrate the importance of global solidarity amongst disabled people.  Disabled people around the world have a common interest in monitoring the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as well as the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

DWA wishes to promote a culture, specifically here within the Wales Africa sector, the global community, and the international development movement which does not stop at saying to disabled people “you are very welcome” if they turn up.  We want people to ask, when disabled people are not present, “where are they” and how can we increase their participation?       

Paul Lindoewood


Disability in Wales and Africa

Disabled People’s Participation Should Be Expected, Not Just Accepted – Campaign

The following organisations have accepted the invitation to join in us arguing that “Disabled People’s Participation Should Be Expected, Not Just Accepted”, and have become members of DWA.

These organisations agree with, and have supported the following statement:

“To promote the inclusion and global solidarity of disabled people, for public benefit, by (a) raising awareness through the active participation within society’s development and (b) enabling the exchange of ideas, information, experiences and expertise particularly, but not exclusively, within Wales and Africa.”

Why don’t you consider joining us too? Email: to add your organisation to the page. 

Our Supporters


Winning Slogan!

Today is December 3rd and the International Day of Person’s with Disabilities. Following our week long campaign looking back at activities from previous years we are happy to announce the winner of our poll for our campaign slogan is “Disabled People’s Participation Should Be Expected, Not Just Accepted” with 53% of the vote! When disabled people appear at an activity, we welcome them, but when they are not there do we ask why? We will shortly be announcing this campaign and keeping you to date with UNIDPD activities. 

Call to Action for Disability-Inclusive Education and Newsletter sign-up

The failure to reach children with disabilities is one of the biggest stumbling blocks standing in the way of success for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which promise to ensure ‘inclusive and equitable quality education’, for all, by 2030. We are in a great position now to change the situation.

We need to get governments at all levels including development cooperation, foundations, and NGOs to increase investment in disability-inclusive education. In order to make this happen, we need to stay informed about advocacy opportunities, strategically organise ourselves and share experience about our efforts.

Please sign the Call to Action (CTA) to Invest in Disability-Inclusive Education to help to rectify this.

The EduInvest Quest newsletter, which will be launched on during the week of World Disability Day will help us stay connected, together and informed. It will also show-case good practices of those answering our call to make inclusive education for children with disabilities a priority. 

Would you like to keep in touch and get more tools and information to bolster your advocacy on international, national and local levels? Simply register by clicking on here.

United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities (UNIDPD) 2017

Since 1992 the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities (UNIDPD) has been celebrated on December 3rd, the world over.  It is a day when disabled people can celebrate their humanity and highlight their rights and needs. 

Disability in Wales and Africa (DWA) promotes disabled peoples participation and inclusion, most notably within a sector of organisational and community “links” known as Wales Africa.  It also promotes global solidarity of disabled people, particularly between Wales and Africa. The UNIDPD is a key day within our annual calendar.  

DWA was founded in December 2010 and during the lead up to December 3rd 2017 we invite you to take a look at how we have previously celebrated the UNIDPD.  During this week we are also inviting you to vote on the slogans below.  The winner will then be released on December 3rd with an invitation for people to respond.

The slogans are

  1. “Disabled People Must Not Get Left Behind”

So often the manner and pace of social, economic and political development means that disabled people, and other groups, get left behind and don’t gain the benefits of the changes taking place.  

  1. “Disabled People Say – Nothing About Us Without Us”

Disabled people want to be part of the decision making process, particularly where it affects their lives.

  1. “Disabled People’s Participation Should Be Expected, Not Just Accepted”

When disabled people appear at an activity, we welcome them, but when they are not there do we ask why?

To vote on please follow this link. Voting is open for one week until December 3rd!

Hands Around the World welcome Kenyan partner to Wales

Disability Powys, based in Llandrindod Wells, hosted a visit from Oliver Kirimi, Director of the Meru North Disability Community Centre (DCC) in the Eastern Province of Kenya recently. Paul from DWA was in attendance to talk to Oliver about links between Wales and Africa. More information can be found at:


DWA Disability Inclusive Development Training

DWA members met yesterday for Disability Inclusive Development training at the Chapter Arts Centre in Canton, Cardiff.

Members of the DWA, both old and new, met to discuss how to implement training programme and to learn more about the ever changing development environment.

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all involved with great discussion from all involved. You can find some snaps from the day below!