Introducing the Team: Su

Su Njogu is a member of the DWA Management Committee. She is also the coordinator and founder of the Kenya Disability Resource ( Su brings to the team a wealth of experience in academic research, project management and bid writing related to different aspects of Health and Social Care, Health policy, public health and life sciences in general. Before working in disability and development she worked as a researcher in Higher Education and at an International Research Centre in Nairobi Kenya for over 25 years. She has authored, co-authored and contributed to several scientific articles and policy reports.

Her interest in disability started 30 years ago when she got a child with complex disabilities -who was born in Africa and spent his first 14 years experiencing the medical and social difficulties that most disabled people in Africa still go though today. Su is currently involved in inclusive development projects, advocacy & others and is committed to eradicating stigma.

Lisliojulikana – Crowd Funding

In September we posted about “Lisilojulikana” (“The Unknown”), a drama film about a Kenyan girl with Cerebral Palsy and her struggle to be accepted by the community that she ends up living in. The film was made by Purple Field Productions and is made in Swahili, with English subtitles.

The film was made in Swahili and there are plans for it to be dubbed into Chichewa to make it accessible to a greater audience. To raise the money to do this Purple Fields Production have started a crowd funding campaign, please give generously if this is an issue you feel passionately about. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the other PFP films on cerebral palsy click here and be sure to like them on Facebook.

Global Disability Summit 24 July 2018, London, UK

Nominations are open for DPO Representative at the Global Disability Summit on the 24 July 2018 in London. 

Nominations are welcome from all countries and regions. The following 10 Commonwealth Countries will have priority, namely: Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Uganda, Zambia and Bangladesh. 

The objectives of the Summit are to:

  • raise global attention and focus on a neglected area;
  • bring in new voices and approaches to broaden engagement;
  • mobilise new global and national commitments on disability; and,
  • showcase good practices and evidence from across the world.

Nominations close on the 23rd March and you can apply online here

Introducing the Team: Donald

Today we introduce another DWA member in Donald.

Donald is an experienced leadership and team building facilitator working extensively with UK and international organisations with expertise in board development and leadership strategy. He is a director of a number of businesses managing property and property rental to provide community space for meetings and local activity. He is married and lives in Wales. He has a passion and focus for developing human potential reflected in his work for Susila Dharma Britain.

Introducing the Team: Abu

Abu joined the DWA management committee in 2012. Born and raised in Nigeria, Abu has a very good understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing disabled people in Africa. Abu currently works in the public sector, prior to this he worked for five years as a Project Officer with Disability Wales, on a project supporting disabled people into self-employment. Continuously driven by a passion for achieving equality and inclusion for disabled people, Abu volunteers his time to mentor disabled people on the Disability Rights UK, Leadership Academy Programme and is also a Trustee of Able Child Africa.  

“Disabled People’s Participation Should Be Expected, Not Just Accepted” Campaign

The following organisations have accepted the invitation to join in us arguing that “Disabled People’s Participation Should Be Expected, Not Just Accepted”, and have become members of DWA.

These organisations agree with, and have supported the following statement:

“Disability in Wales and Africa (DWA) has a vision of societies where disabled people are full, equal, and participatory members of their community in Wales, and particularly in Africa.In the past the needs of disabled people, and their families, have often been sidelined within mainstream development, with actors believing it to be a specialist, standalone, issue. DWA believes that disability should be part of every development initiative. Therefore, Wales Africa Sector activists are invited to sign a pledge to explore, and implement,ways in which this aim can be achieved.”

Why don’t you consider joining us too? Email: to add your organisation to the page. 

Our Supporters


Winning Slogan!

Today is December 3rd and the International Day of Person’s with Disabilities. Following our week long campaign looking back at activities from previous years we are happy to announce the winner of our poll for our campaign slogan is “Disabled People’s Participation Should Be Expected, Not Just Accepted” with 53% of the vote! When disabled people appear at an activity, we welcome them, but when they are not there do we ask why? We will shortly be announcing this campaign and keeping you to date with UNIDPD activities. 

Looking back at past UNIDPD – 2015

In 2015 on December 3rd DWA joined with Hub Cymru Africa to celebrate the UNIDPD in the Tŷ Hywel building of the National Assembly for Wales.  The event attracted visits from Welsh Assembly Members and included speeches from Rhian Davies, CEO of Disability Wales, and Jonah Sialumano the Manager of Health Help International (Zambia).