Introducing the Team: Trevor

Today we introduce Trevor Palmer!

Trevor is one of the original members of DWA through his involvement with ResponsABLE assistance which he founded in 2004.  He is also Director of Disability Wales and involves him self in UK Disability Movement matters.

Trevor runs his own business, GL100SERVICES, which employs mostly disabled people and is a member of The National Partnership Board for Social Care Wales.

Trevor has worked in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Senegal witnessing the gross inequality of disabled people.

Introducing the Team: Siân

Next to introduce from the DWA team is Siân Tesni!
Siân is co-founder and a member of the DWA Management Committee. She is also Trustee of the Vale for Africa link partnership. Involved in development since 1990, Siân brings a wealth of experience related to different aspects of disability inclusive development. Before working in disability and development she worked as a specialist teacher for learners who are deaf or hard of hearing in Wales for 11 years.
She is currently Senior Advisor for Education for CBM (an international Christian development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the poorest countries of the world –
Her work in disability and development has spanned more than 22 years, having been involved in the development of innovative and sustainable inclusive education programmes, as well as the provision of specialist support related to deaf education, ear and hearing health, teacher preparation, early intervention, and community-based services. She is the author or contributor to numerous articles and research.
In recent years the focus of her work has been on ensuring disability inclusive education financing as part of the broader agenda of inclusion education. She co-coordinates the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) Inclusive Education Task Group (IE TG).
She is committed to inclusion in Wales as well as internationally.

Introducing the Team: Hilary

As part of our series to put faces to the people behind Disability in Wales and Africa we now introduce Hilary Williams who became chair of the DWA in 2015.

Hilary is a former speech and language therapist who lives in Talybont on Usk and is married with two sons and four grandchildren!

Hilary joined Brecon Molo in 2012 and went to Molo for three months from May to July in 2013 to do Teacher Training. Hilary is trained in Appropriate Paper based Technology (APT) which is a system of making assistive devices for children with Cerebral Palsy out of recycled items such as cardboard, newspaper, and flour and water paste. Hilary is part of a research and development group in Brecon Molo analysing the effectiveness of APT in low income countries and has run multiple training sessions on APT in and around Molo.

Alongside this Hilary is a member of the Talybont Energy Group who look at sustainable energy options amongst other environmental issues and also makes time to play the Surdo drum in a samba drumming group!

Introducing the Team: Paul

Over the coming weeks we are hoping to introduce you to the team behind the DWA, up first is Paul!

Paul Lindoewood is the Founder and the Co-ordinator of Disability in Wales and Africa.  He is also a Trustee of the Brecon Molo Community Partnership as well as the Co-Chair of Disability Powys.  Paul has been involved in the UK Disability Movement since the mid 1980’s and has fulfilled many roles, both employed and voluntarily, developing policy and practices around Independent Living. 

Between 1996- 2005 Paul worked with the Methodist Church in Kenya as a Disability Community Worker.  This was in pursuit of a long term interest in disability as an international and community development issue.  When returning to the UK Paul looked for opportunities;

  1. To enable greater understanding, globally, of the barriers faced by respective disabled communities and how they have been overcome.
  2. To promote worldwide solidarity between disabled people.
  3. To advocate for disabled people’s organisations to be involved at all levels of social, economic and political development.

This led to the birth of Disability in Wales and Africa appearing from the Wales Africa sector.

Hands Around the World welcome Kenyan partner to Wales

Disability Powys, based in Llandrindod Wells, hosted a visit from Oliver Kirimi, Director of the Meru North Disability Community Centre (DCC) in the Eastern Province of Kenya recently. Paul from DWA was in attendance to talk to Oliver about links between Wales and Africa. More information can be found at:


DWA Disability Inclusive Development Training

DWA members met yesterday for Disability Inclusive Development training at the Chapter Arts Centre in Canton, Cardiff.

Members of the DWA, both old and new, met to discuss how to implement training programme and to learn more about the ever changing development environment.

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all involved with great discussion from all involved. You can find some snaps from the day below!